Who should attend this review course?​

Anyone preparing to write the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination is encouraged to take this course in order to maximize your chances of passing the exam the first time.

What are the daily start times and overall duration of the course?

Contained in each session are 12 classes which include 12 weeks of Lectures and a mock exam. This represents over 50 hours of total combined learning.

 We meet on Saturdays from 9am - 2:00pm

​Is 12 Weeks enough time to prepare for the FE Examination?

Unlike other programs with shorter, strenuous schedules, we space out our lectures into 12 weeks to enable you learn in a timely, workable schedule. This allows you time to absorb all of the information given to you in a reasonable time-frame thereby allowing you to keep pace with the class and material.

What specification of the FE Exam do you cover?

This course focuses on the Other Disciplines Specification of the FE examination. This is primarily due to the popularity of this specification among exam takers. In addition, what we've noticed is that those who have been out of school for a long time usually have more success with the Other Disciplines Specification. This correlates well with the results published by NCEES which show the Other Disciplines as having the second highest pass rate among all exam takers.
​Please note that you do not have to write the specification that matches your degree. This is a common misunderstanding.

> ​How much does it cost to attend this review course?

Our course is reasonably priced. Please click on the Registration page for a breakdown of our fees and the different packages we offer.

What is the guarantee that I will pass if I attend & what is your success rate?

The success of every participant is highly dependent on our commitment to delivering you with the best instruction available as well as your dedication to the program.. We're very honest with our expectations of our students and constantly remind them of the need to study and work hard. 

If you can attend every class, complete all the homework assignments, understand the material and study at a steady and continuous pace, you will pass the exam. Your commitment to the program in the classroom and at home will determine how well you perform on the exam. What we will guarantee is to provide you with the best instruction, materials and support available. 


What makes this review course better than others?

1. More hours of learning: we provide over 50 hours of learning in a real classroom environment with our course instructors.This is a vital resource that allows you to ask more questions and improve your understanding of the material. 

2. Qualification: Our instructors are highly qualified with advanced degrees in Engineering who understand the FE Exam and what it takes to succeed in it. 

4. Value: We are priced very competitively when compared to the competition. What we offer in terms of materials, hours of learning and quality of instruction is what gives this program great value. We also let no one fall behind because we are invested in your success. 

5. Materials: In addition to providing excellent instruction, we also provide you with the best materials available. Our materials are obtained through PPI with which we are an educational partner.

What is the location of this review course?

At the moment, our classes are held in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. Please visit the Locations & Schedule page for more information on dates and times of all our classes.

I've been out of school for a long time, will this course help me?

 This course will be most beneficial to those who have been out of school for a long time simply because it provides you with an opportunity to sit in a   classroom and re-learn all that you have forgotten. We cover all the topics concepts and formulas, solve problems and answer all questions in a fast paced but steady and detailed manner. 

Should I study before coming to class?

We provide all the lecture notes at the beginning of class so every participant has an opportunity to review each topic beforehand. It is highly advantageous and a definite benefit in your preparation to review the upcoming lecture notes for the following reasons:

  • The material becomes a little familiar which helps you become more comfortable and not overwhelmed
  • You are more prepared to ask questions
  • You are more engaged in the lectures

Do I have to attend every class?

In order for you to receive the full benefit from our program, we highly recommend that you attend every class that you have registered for. We encourage our participants to take this course very seriously because we want you to succeed and when you do, we've accomplished our goal.