All of our instructors are highly qualified registered engineers with experience with the FE exam. In addition, they also teach the same courses at reputable Universities in the same cities as our FE Review Centre locations. 

The Engineers in our program are also highly qualified instructors, most with Masters degrees, and with solid understanding of the subject matter being taught.

All of the instructors are carefully selected with the requirement that they have to be flexible, knowledgeable and most importantly have an ability to break down broad, complex and difficult material into a few hours of learning in a way that is clear, concise and unambiguous.

The instructors and tutors are there to help you re-learn all that you have forgotten and to teach you concepts in ways that are easy to understand so that you not only pass the exam but excel at it.

They will also teach you how to solve problems, provide you with tips, strategies, areas to focus on, study techniques and other information you need to pass the FE Examination.